ILA treatment in Marrakech

November 29, 2018

ILA Treatment: A Healing Marrakesh Massage & Spa Experience

If you’ve never heard about ILA massage treatments, you’re in for a treat. It gets its name from the ILA Spa skincare brand, a creator of organic products that have become an industry favorite among luxury spas worldwide. ILA, however, is more than a quirky brand name. It is a Sanskrit word meaning “Earth”, which […]

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Marrakech spa

October 19, 2018

Why You Should Visit a Spa in Marrakech Shortly After Landing

A traveler might assume that their stress will melt away as soon as they get on the plane. However, it’s not so simple. Stress has a nasty way of lingering in the body and mind. Of course, traveling and vacationing themselves can bring their anxieties. If you’re looking to visit the beautiful sights of Marrakech, […]

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hammam in marrakech riad

October 4, 2018

How a Hammam In Marrakech Recharges Your Mind & Body

A trip to Marrakech can turn into an action-packed adventure, but it is also a city where you can relax and let your stress melt away. The city is renowned for its massage therapists, especially those who are skilled in the art of a hammam therapy. If you’re not well acquainted with this traditional Arabic […]

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How a Hammam In Marrakech Recharges Your Mind & Body