Hammam massage detoxifies the body and contributes to better overall health.

March 16, 2020

A Brief Guide to Marrakech Hammam Etiquette

One’s first time in a hammam can be nerve-wracking. The heat and steam of the room, as well as the nature of the bath itself, may catch first-time visitors off guard.  Since it is a foreign experience for many clients, it is advantageous to know what to expect beforehand. More importantly, it’s a real bonus […]

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Hammam massage fights troubling skin problems.

January 15, 2020

How Hammam Massage Fights Skin Problems When Skin Problems Fight You

Acne, dry skin, blemishes – it seems like we are at war with our skin, the very protective organ we should feel comfortable in. Whether it’s allergens in the environment or the hormones in our bodies, there are hundreds of triggers for skin conditions both chronic and acute. At times, there is little we can […]

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Hammam massage detoxifies the body.

December 15, 2019

How Hammam Massage Detoxifies Your Body & Why It Matters

The human body is a highly efficient – “self cleanser”.  It “recycles” the nutrients it needs and eliminates the substances it doesn’t via the process of detoxification. This cycle ensures that toxins don’t pile-up in the body, as this would lead to dysfunction, and eventually, disease. However, many people have some form of impaired detoxification […]

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Ku Nye massage delivers a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.

October 10, 2019

Ku Nye: Why You Should Give this Therapeutic Massage a Try

We have preached the benefits of hammam massage many times before, but there is another therapy, available in Marrakech, that also offers powerful health and wellness benefits. Interestingly, this therapeutic massage is not Moroccan – it hails from Tibet.  The healing art in discussion is known as Ku Nye, (also spelt as Kum Nye among […]

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Rhassoul clay has benefits for both the skin and hair.

September 23, 2019

The Benefits of Rhassoul Clay

Wellness experts have long hailed Argan oil as Morocco’s “secret” ingredient to beauty. However, there’s another cosmetic that the people of Morocco have used for centuries as a natural wellness product – rhassoul clay.  But what exactly is rhassoul clay?  What is Rhassoul Clay? It’s History & Origins The name “Rhassoul” is derived from the […]

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The Benefits of Rhassoul Clay