Botanika Marrakech

Botanika’s formulas have been translated from Moroccan beauty rituals to create innovative and effective products, based solely on natural active ingredients. A specific solution is put in place to meet all the requirements of the skin and each part of the body. Many of the ingredients used in Botanika’s products are based on Moroccan argon oil and its healing properties.

Express Hammam
30 mins • 470 Dhs

A traditional scrub with eucalyptus black soap made from black olives to purify and nourish the skin, followed by the sulphate-free moisturising shampoo, for supreme purification and reconstruction of your hair’s fibres. To finish the treatment a shower gel based on argan leaf and verbena extracts is used and the subtle scent of rose water awakens your senses for comfort and relaxation.

Hammam Complete
60 mins • 650 Dhs

A real full body treatment, beginning with a light massage with eucalyptus and olive oil Black soap, a scrub using the khessa glove removes dead skin, followed by a Sugar Scrub to soften and decongest skin tissue. The shampoo is followed by a fortifying mask to rebuild the hair’s fibre then the perfumed argan paste wrap aids relaxation and nourishes the skin.

Ultimate Relaxation
60 mins • 650 Dhs

An ultimate moment of relaxation, this massage uses a relaxing oil with lavender, precious oils, argan oil, sweet almond and sesame which combined with the techniques of our therapists will ensure the body is restored.

Tension Relief
60 mins • 670 Dhs

This toning massage will help to release tension and regain balance, both emotionally and physically using rosemary oil and healing techniques.

Express Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
30 mins • 450 Dhs

Renew your energies with this massage that uses lavender oil and aims to relax the muscles and relieve localised tension using pressure and kneading movements as well as stimulating good blood circulation and deep relaxation.

Foot Massage
30 mins • 450 Dhs

Untie the energy points. Inspired by Chinese medicine our plantar reflexology massage, with rosemary toning oil, takes into account the body in its entirety, stimulating the acupuncture points of the foot in order to improve the circulation of energies.

Anti-Aging Care
60 mins • 720 Dhs

Using top-of-the-range products, designed for anti-aging care, specifically dedicated to devitalised and mature skin. A concentrated serum with hyaluronic acid and natural plant extracts, the moisturising mask for dry skin is based on white clay, grape seed oil, argan oil and argan leaf extract in combination with prickly pear oil for a specific massage. The skin regains suppleness, radiance and firmness.

Express Treatment
30 mins • 480 Dhs

Beauty and clarity, after make-up removal and toning, the Anti-Task Serum is based on liquorice combined with natural anti-oxidant extracts, green tea, acerola and others. Designed for dull or devitalised skin, this treatment is particularly dedicated to those in a hurry, for smooth skin and a luminous complexion.