Luxury Spa Marrakech

Farnatchi Spa is a beautifully designed day spa in the historic heart of the Marrakech Medina. Stunning private marble hammams with vaulted ceilings, restful treatment rooms with their own shower facilities, and a menu of light, healthy lunches ensure that the pampering doesn’t stop with our world-class therapists.

Our spa in Marrakech now offers the best facilities and the best facilities need the best products. We have teamed up with an internationally acclaimed luxury spa brand and Morocco’s finest specialist in traditional products to offer our clients the very best selection possible.

ILA is a luxury organic skincare brand that has taken the very top of the luxury spa market by storm. Meaning ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit, ILA reflects faith in the power of nature as the source of real wellness. As such, all of their products are hand made from carefully sourced organic products from around the world including Argan oil, only found in Morocco.

Our local partner, Nectarome, has its own gardens outside Marrakech where they produce the ingredients for their exceptionally high-quality aromatherapy and phytotherapy natural products. Consistently voted the best Moroccan specialist producer, they are now exporting to markets all over the world.

Farnatchi Spa is on Souk de Fassi, two doors away from Le Foundouk restaurant.


Luxury Spa Marrakech