Rejuvenating Facial
60 mins • 650 Dhs

Awaken the skin and restore radiance and softness

Oriental Facial
50 mins • 550 Dhs

This treatment has true rehydrating and the skin rediscovers its energy and suppleness

Anti-Aging Care
60 mins • 720 Dhs

Using top-of-the-range products, designed for anti-aging care, specifically dedicated to devitalised and mature skin. A concentrated serum with hyaluronic acid and natural plant extracts, the moisturising mask for dry skin is based on white clay, grape seed oil, argan oil and argan leaf extract in combination with prickly pear oil for a specific massage. The skin regains suppleness, radiance and firmness.

Express Treatment
30 mins • 480 Dhs

Beauty and clarity, after make-up removal and toning, the Anti-Task Serum is based on liquorice combined with natural anti-oxidant extracts, green tea, acerola and others. Designed for dull or devitalised skin, this treatment is particularly dedicated to those in a hurry, for smooth skin and a luminous complexion.