Relaxing Massage – Nectarome

60min – 490Dhs / 90min – 660Dhs

This massage is a great source of ensured relaxation, it helps to ease stress. The treatment begins with a compressive sequence that allows your body to relax, soothes muscles and helps joints restore their flexibility. You can choose either Verbena oil or Rose oil.

Prana Vitality Massage – Ila

60 min – 800Dhs

Energy Boosting * Detoxifying* Positive Mood Enhancer*

For low energy & sluggish circulation. This revitalising full body massage helps release toxins, reduce fatigue and restore physical and mental strength. Invigorating massage & marma therapy with energy-enhancing essential oils of juniper berry, geranium, lemongrass and patchouli leave mind, body and spirit sparkling with vitality.

Treatment ritual – ila core full body massage, marma therapy.

Tonic Massage – Nectarome

60 min – 490Dhs

This toning massage focuses on muscles relaxation, aids the restoration of energy and restores your bodies natural balance. The massage is performed using kneading, rubbing and percussion movements with the power of hands, elbows and forearms using ginger oil.

Ku Nye Full Body Massage – Ila

90 min – 1100Dhs

Rejuvenating* Therapeutic medicine* Time honoured techniques*

For dry skin, deep fatigue & recovery. This Tibetan body treatment balances the five elements to restore a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. A blend of five essential oils work together to stabilise the five sensory organs. Tibetan cupping, kneading and acupressure techniques help release physical and mental tension. Warm crystals and poultices bring harmony from the tips of the toes, to the crown of the head.
Treatment ritual- Tibetan cupping, ila advanced full body massage, Tibetan acupressure, warm herbal poultices and rose quartz crystals, Tibetan scalp massage.

Massage with Herbs and Warm Oils – Nectarome

90min – 720Dhs

This massage with warm oils uses alternating fluid motions and deep pressure on the most tense muscles. During the treatment the therapist will apply a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices on a warm cotton cloth. The pouch of plants is then applied to the skin with tapping motions on pressure points. Under the influence of the heat, the muscles relax and tensions disappear, allowing your body to rebalance its energy circulation.

Special Back Massage – Nectarome

40 min – 350Dhs

This massage using Neroli oil relieves tension localized on the spine and clears energetic blockages. The massage will end with hot stones placed on the spine that will stimulate the body by warming the muscles. Under the effect of heat, the vessels dilate and improve help to improve circulation.