Riad Farnatchi Spa.

avril 25, 2019

Moroccan Beauty Products & Skin Care Practices to Try in Marrakech

Beauty practices rooted deep in Moroccan culture have inspired countless skincare brands in recent years. Internationally recognized brands such as Herbal Essences have launched Moroccan beauty products (Moroccan My Shine Nourishing Shampoo) as part of their product lines. Also, boutique brands such as Kahina Giving Beauty feature entire product lines that are inspired by Moroccan […]

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Marrakech manicure and pedicure.

février 12, 2019

How a Simple Marrakech Manicure & Pedicure Goes a Long Way to Relieve Stress

We have discussed at length the benefits of therapies such as hammam treatments and ILA-based treatments. To de-stress, it may seem like you will only find relief by means of a deep, penetrating massage. However, the gentle touch of a manicure or pedicure upon your arrival in Marrakech can do the trick. Although these procedures […]

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Applying Argan Oil

janvier 23, 2019

The Wonders Of Moroccan Argan Oil: Why It Has the World’s Attention

If you have been keeping up with health trends lately, you’ll no doubt agree that essential oils are now very popular products for beauty and wellness. Lavender oil, peppermint oil, and bergamot oil are all gaining notoriety. Argon oil, however, has spent many years in the “shadows” so-to-speak but has since gained popularity. Argan oil […]

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Marrakech massage oils

janvier 21, 2019

9 Essential Oils Used in Marrakech Massages & Their Benefits

These days, they seem to be on-trend, but they’re much more than that. Essential oils have gained popularity, not only for their lovely aromas, but also for their healing properties. Their benefits extend beyond aromatherapy and can do wonders for those looking to partake in massage therapy. With that said, we will highlight nine essential […]

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ILA treatment in Marrakech

novembre 29, 2018

ILA Treatment: A Healing Marrakesh Massage & Spa Experience

If you’ve never heard about ILA massage treatments, you’re in for a treat. It gets its name from the ILA Spa skincare brand, a creator of organic products that have become an industry favorite among luxury spas worldwide. ILA, however, is more than a quirky brand name. It is a Sanskrit word meaning “Earth”, which […]

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ILA Treatment: A Healing Marrakesh Massage & Spa Experience