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4 October 2018

How a Hammam In Marrakech Recharges Your Mind & Body

A trip to Marrakech can turn into an action-packed adventure, but it is also a city where you can relax and let your stress melt away. The city is renowned for its massage therapists, especially those who are skilled in the art of a hammam therapy.

If you’re not well acquainted with this traditional Arabic healing art, allow us to introduce you to it. You’ll definitely want to give it a try when you arrive in Marrakech, not only for its relaxing power, but also its healing abilities.

Hammam In the Flesh: No Ordinary Massage

Hammam is an Arabic word that means “spreader of warmth”, which has literal meaning since hammams require heat and steam.

The term “spreader of warmth” also has a figurative meaning as well – it refers to the fact that Moroccans go to public hammams to socialize with others. At Farnatchi Spa, we offer private hammams to make the experience more luxurious

Hammams come from a long and rich history in Muslim culture, dating back to the days of the Ottoman and Roman empires. Although variations exist in how a hammam and massage procedures are delivered, they apply the same basic techniques from country to country.

A Traditional Hammam Experience At Farnatchi Spa

  1. Lie in your own private marble hammam with vaulted ceilings.
  2. Black soap is applied over your body to clean your skin and open your pores.
  3. Exfoliant sits on your body for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Your body is rinsed off with plenty of water and vigourously scrubbed with an exfoliating kessa glove.
  5. Rhassoul clay is then applied on the face, body and hair and left to work for 10-15 minutes.
  6. The clay is washed off using buckets of water.
  7. Argan oil is applied to the face and body while still moist.

The way hammam therapists carry out the procedure will differ depending on the treatment you choose. The one thing that remains consistent about hammams, and why they have spread all over the world, is the long list of health benefits they bring.

The Health & Wellness Benefits Of a Hammam

Massage therapy, in general, does any body good, but hammam therapy has some truly unique benefits. Part of this comes from the fact that the treatment is a combination of a bath and scrub with far-reaching effects that can heal you from the inside out.

Hammam In Marrakech Heals the Body From Head to Toe





A Hammam Treatment In Marrakech

How does a hammam experience feel? Find the answer for yourself – visit the Farnatchi Spa and feel the calming touch of our therapists.

We offer a variety of hammam options, including simple hammam, Beldi hammam, Royal hammam and Ila hammam.

Melt Your Troubles Away At a Hammam In Marrakech

Your trip to Marrakech will be filled with adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. With all your new experiences in hand, make sure you return home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Visit Farnatchi Spa in Marrakech. Just an hour under the hand of one of our skilled therapists will refresh your mind and body. When it’s over, you will feel like a new version of you!

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How a Hammam In Marrakech Recharges Your Mind & Body